Barfly on the Wall: Ripley’s Bar & Grill

Photo by Sasha K.
Photo by Sasha K.

I took a little jaunt to Ripley’s Bar & Grill last weekend. We arrived a little early to get the ambiance of the place before the band, Bad Meat, began to play, and I must say this establishment gets the award for Terre Haute’s loudest bar. Before we even got to the door, you could hear the place vibrating with music. If you don’t want to have a conversation with the person next you, then the volume is perfect. However, the music was definitely inspiring a rhythm on the dance floor.

All in all the service seemed pretty prompt, even with people lined up at the bar. The bartender was friendly and the crowd was enthusiastic. At Ripley’s, all the chairs and tables in front of the stage are picnic table style; long rows of tables with chairs on each side. This is, in a word, odd. A small bar partitions off each side with chairs that wind around the outer edge creating more seating. A pool table sits in front of the bar, and it was put to good use all night.

If you don’t want to have a conversation with the person next you, then the volume is perfect.

Daily drink specials were sparse. If I remember correctly — the noise may have rattled my brain — they had only two or three items on special on a Saturday night. Self-advertising at Ripley’s is fun and colorful, though. There are plenty of chalkboards covered in colorful fonts and images to draw attention to featured items. One was even in the bathroom. Speaking of which, the women’s restroom was clean (I did not get a chance to sneak into the men’s room), as was the rest of the bar. The place started to get packed around 10pm and people continued to pour in until we left at around 1am.

The night was a party. Music was great, people were fun, and drinks were swift. If you are looking for a place to dance or listen to live music then try out Ripley’s Bar & Grill on Oak and 9th St. although those with sensitive ears should be forewarned, and earplugs might be a good investment.

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