Deming Park Decor

‘Twas the week before Christmas and in Terre Haute,
the Deming Park shelters were up for a vote.

Decorations were put up with moderate care,
but we found some faux pas and foolishness there.

The characters from Peanuts are familiar and bright,
but surely their use here violates a copyright.

We’d never say our firemen aren’t diligent and brave,
but doesn’t this dark admonition seem a little grave?

And what of this poor soldier on his bended knee,
does a military focus reflect Christmas properly?

This one is prob’ly meant to be a disco dancing scene,
and yet the gesture Santa makes looks awfully obscene.

Of everything we saw, the one that really did not please us
was this scene of Santa painting little baby Jesus.

Keeping the Christ in Christmas is all well and fine,
but don’t forget aesthetics when you put up a design!

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