Downtown Tabby Comments on Terre Haute Christmas Wishes

All I want for Christmas is:

Duke Bennett All I want for Christmas is to keep Terre Haute “a level above”!
Downtown Tabby What is the height that you think is enough?

Cliff Lambert …To have all my precious TIF funds returned!
Downtown Tabby Still too soon to tell if lessons were learned.

Todd Nation .. .To sweep away bad local politics!
Downtown Tabby So many problems for one guy to fix.

Mike Ellis … To put my monogram on more of Terre Haute!
Downtown Tabby Big fish. Small pond. That’s a reason to gloat?

Thompson/Thompson … More opportunities to build downtown!
Downtown Tabby  Those big old buildings – who knocked them all down?

Arts Illiana … Better support for the local art scene!
Downtown Tabby  That’s a hard sell when the budgets are lean.

Mary Kramer … Place making success along the Wabash!
Downtown Tabby  Goals of art and business do sometimes clash.

Marylee Hagan … Enough funding for the museum to move!
Downtown Tabby  Home of our history has to improve.

Shelly Klingerman … More attendance at First Friday events!
Downtown Tabby I love to explore those nice heated tents.

Downtown Merchant … More parking spaces at my front door!
Downtown Tabby God forbid people would walk a little more.

Gilbert Wilson … Acknowledgment, finally, that I was gay!
Downtown Tabby Now it’s no problem – you’re just born that way.

Paul Dresser … Credit for more than that one famous song!
Downtown Tabby But it’s just right for a good sing-along.

Theodore Dreiser … To be widely read in my prudish birthplace!
Downtown Tabby  You’re no longer immoral and shockingly base.

Max Erhmann … To go through the noise and haste placidly!
Downtown Tabby Your trite advice has never impressed me.

Eugene V. Debs … For the modern worker to organize!
Downtown Tabby  Too many believe the one percent’s lies.

Saint Mother Theodore … Universal peace, love and brotherhood!
Downtown Tabby That’s not delivered in my neighborhood.

Clabber Girl … To one day have a break from the kitchen!
Downtown Tabby Pump out more biscuits! Lay off the bitchin’.

Send Christmas wishes from Terre Haute! Christmas postcards featuring Downtown Tabby are available for purchase at Downtown Tabby Headquarters located at 7 So. 7. Terre Haute, IN.

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