ISU Homecoming 2013: Part One

The Good

Hoop, Boy, Hoop, photo by Sara Noe
Hoop, Boy, Hoop, photo by Sara Noe

1. Toys are fun again.

Commonly, carrying a hoop leads to being labeled a ‘hippie’ and degrading remarks about finding a more useful ‘hobby’. Here the hoop is celebrated and enjoyed by all walks of life, as long as that walk is accompanied with excessive amounts of alcohol.

A DUDE Jam, photo by Sara Noe.

2. Walking Soundtracks.

A performance by DUDE and dj sets by Kryzma, Ivory Bear, & Gigante offered a break from the walk to listen to music and dance your beer off. With DUDE offering high fives and encouraging crowd members to head bang along with him, you could feel the love and unity in the air, giving the beer soaked walk the festival feel it needed (minus the acid, mushrooms, and weed).

Serious Fun, photo by Sara Noe.

3. Self-Ridicule is embraced.

In a sea of matching t-shirts and ISU gear, a big thank you goes out to those wearing wigs, kilts, and superhero outfits. Though some say those outfits are just worn to get attention, stepping out of the box is no easy task. It takes self confidence and a very good sense of humor to put yourself at the center of attention, especially when that attention is attached to laughter. So, here at the Sardonic Spectator, we say “Bravo!” to individuality and bringing smiles to the public. Keep doing your thing!

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