Terre Haute Lovers Throw Pots at Torner Pottery

This Valentines Day in Terre Haute many couples looked for avenues to express their love, succumbing to the pressure implied by this holiday. The expression of love took the form of expensive jewelry, chocolates, cards, or going out to a romantic dinner at a crowded restaurant. If you are into the average expected, and lame ways of celebrating Valentines Day — that’s all good. If you opted for a unique V-day experience, couples pottery at the Torner Pottery Center at Deming Park was a Cupid-inspired choice.

Couples shared a wheel, throwing clay with four hands by candlelight. That’s right — the romance only witnessed in the classic film “Ghost” was right here for real in our municipal park system. Couples experienced that Swayze seductive magic first hand. Wrapped in your sweetheart’s warm embrace, creating something beautiful — looks like the art of love!

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