Treats are Unlikely No Matter Who Wins in Terre Haute Elections.

Scary things are happening in good old Terre Haute.
If you’re smart, you’ll think of them when you go in to vote.
Our current mayor’s been acting as if he’s lost his head.
So maybe good old Mark Bird should have his chance instead.
Nothing could be worse than the bio-fuel fiasco.
Duke could have sought expert advice. But did he ask? No.
Instead, he tried to keep the magic deal under wraps.
As a sound investment it was worse than shooting craps.
That whole sorry arrangement was a trick, not a treat –
reason enough to hand our incumbent a defeat.

City council could use a fresh blood infusion.
Cleaning house would sweep away cobwebs and confusion.
George Azar is a member we should say “so long” to.
On the budget oversight, his isn’t a strong view.
He’s always a kidder; he makes everything a joke,
but it isn’t funny when your city goes broke.
Curtis DeBaun, a newbie, seems to be speaking straight.
And we have the feeling he can recognize dead weight.
Incompetence must be unmasked here in Terre Haute.
Refuse to be a zombie! Inform yourself and vote!

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