We are people who want to have a stronger connection with where we live. We’re interested in the history, the present and the potential of Terre Haute, Indiana. We started The Sardonic Spectator to cover issues and events important to the local community.

We have two basic, inter-related goals. One is to identify, generate and support local creative activity. The other is to use that activity to understand, celebrate and improve our community. bAll over Terre Haute, there are people with good ideas, people with artistic and musical talent, people who have a way with words, people who are intellectually curious, people who are involved in productive community activities, people who see the world in an interesting way.

We envision The Sardonic Spectator as a platform for interactions among these people: a place for learning, participating and collaborating.

We don’t want to complain about Terre Haute, or compare our city unfavorably with a couple of cities an hour or so away.

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