Sony Tax Abatement Compliance

Tax abatement for Sony
is a bunch of baloney.
The council shows lax oversight.
When paperwork isn’t right,
they act ready to fight.
But it’s meaningless bluster –
alterations pass muster.
The tax break’s not rescinded:
it’s not even amended.
With finances in the red,
we need bold moves, but instead
council members continue
rewarding a select few
purported job creators.
Not being innovators
DADC’s doomed to die.
And what’s even worse – they lie.
19.41’s the rate
Sony promised. It sounds great!
But do you believe it’s true?
Our city council seems to.

Maybe they need to subtract
workers hired by contract
via Employment Plus.
(Some are brought in by bus.)
Their nine bucks an hour pay
is far from what the forms say.
To check if Sony’s compliant
council remains reliant
on corporate honesty.
Sadly, that commodity
is often in short supply.
Persons such you or I
cannot prove or quantify
our economic impacts,
so we can’t alter our tax.
Big employers have clout –
if thwarted they will move out!
Those “good” jobs will disappear –
best kiss Sony on the rear.
Budget woes can be deflected
until they all get re-elected.

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